Thursday, May 16, 2019

Palestine, Native Americans and then some Israelis

Yet another boring day is passing by and the heat is unbearable inside.  I really should take a shower but I think I skip that today as well…

I saw on the news that Alabama has got the law signed that bans all abortions, unless the mother’s life is in danger. How kind of them to put that in…

But if you as a woman or girl get raped or are exposed to incest then you have no rights what so ever and the doctor will be sentenced to jail for 99 years while the rapist or the guy who performed the incest only gets ten. Talk about justice! The most horrible is that the kid if it is a kid could be as young as 11 or 12 but still has to carry out the pregnancy, Americans are fucking crazy!!!

And for some reason when decisions like these are made it’s always men who make them. I can’t help but wonder how men would react if a big group of women decided that all men should be castrated i.e. get their balls cut off. 
Ok, not exactly the same thing but not far from. Personally I am prolife, but that doesn’t mean I can decide for another human being and her body, especially if I don’t know shit about the woman’s life or situation, what I think personally has NOTHING to do with what I should think of as a governor of Alabama. I actually got so pissed so I wrote to her on Instagram telling her how I felt.

Then I saw that there obviously been a "horribly" violent Hamas action, can’t say I blame them, God knows if I wouldn’t have done the same thing! 

I wonder how all the Israeli-friendly Americans would have reacted if the Native Americans had started fighting back for their country? What I find a bit funny is that it only seems to be Palestinians who died while all the little cute Israeli soldiers survived?

But I’ve understood that sympathy and most of all intelligence isn’t the most strong sides among all immigrated, but oh so true Americans! My God, most Americans can mostly count their descendants back only a few generations. Mayfair came from Britain so not much native there either.

Actually when I think about it, the Israelis and the Americans have a lot in common, stealing other peoples land for example.

Maybe I should go over to our neighbour and throw her and her kids out so hubby and I could build a whole condo considering we have the top flats, I’m sure she would agree happily with a smile and call a moving company right away, perhaps they could leave the piano so I have something to practice on…

As most of you understand I am not very fond of Americans or Israelis as well for that matter, both of the people are so full of them self that only one of them would fit in the place where it’s very warm.

Nope, here is someone that is enormously grateful for being European!    

So this year I am boycotting the Eurovision because no way in the warmer place am I watching something from a country that is full of hypocrites!

I have a suggestion for Israel and America! Why not bomb all of Palestine so you get rid of the shit and then you have your little holy land that was written about in a book 2000 years ago by people who had heard it from other people and so on…

And then there is Trump with his politic that could scare the dead, but oh he is the smartest president USA ever had, at least according to himself, if it wasn’t so sad I would cry, the whole world is laughing at him and he doesn’t understand it.

Something I been wondering is that you never see Melania anymore, has she gone in hiding, or is she so embarrassed so she only go out during the nights so people won’t recognise her, well I feel sorry for her, it can’t be easy being married to the biggest idiot on the planet! 

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