Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Kardashians, Bragging and Conversations

Today I have all the claws out so beware…

Actually it’s not that dangerous or serious but there are some things that really do have a tendency of making me annoyed, and one of them is complacency and another one is self-righteousness. I have both of these traits and I am fully aware of them, at least I hope so…

As I for the moment is somewhat incapable of moving around as much as I would like to, I have fallen down into the very dark depths of Facebook and YouTube, not something I am proud of but hey what can one do when you need something to amuse yourself with.

YouTube is totally fine but it is Facebook that is driving me nuts at some times, I don’t have many friends nor do I wish for more, in real life it’s another question however, but the dear hubby and I have had some serious convos about that, and hopefully when I am fully restored to my former glory things are going to change.

We actually have had more conversations the last month than we have had in total during our whole marriage, not because there has been nothing to talk about, but my hubby is one of these gorgeous guys that instead of using pointless words actually do things, so instead of using a lot of empty words that a lot of guys do, he make sure to do things that he knows make me happy. And honestly I much rather prefer a guy like that than one that just blabs about crap and then usually ends up doing nothing.

But since my mother died a lot of things have changed! Somehow the loss of her and the realization that no one in my family gives a crap about me. It’s like I told my lovely doctor the other day that if I suddenly would die then one of my siblings would be here faster than light to lay hands on my bag collection and jewellery because they would be such a lovely memory for her of me! Trust me the memories would be sold faster than light to get some cash, fortunately the hubby has been instructed that as soon as I’ve drawn my last breath those things will be given to charity.

But returning to the subject… There are a couple of people on Facebook that drives me nuts, I don’t mind bragging, for heaven’s sake I’m the biggest one, but hopefully I do it with a little more self-irony and humour and most of all gratefulness.

I have not been this fortunate my whole life and I am enormously happy for what life has given me, most of all a husband that adores me and would do anything for me. Just knowing that is something worth far more than all the material stuff he can and does give me!

Honestly how could a bag or a bracelet beat the unconditional love from someone accepting me in every way, even the bad ways?  Trust me I am as far from a nice person I can be in some cases. But I think as long as I am aware about my shortcomings and occasionally say I’m sorry for being a bitch I think it is okay, simply because my hubby knows that whatever happens I will stand by his side and defend him until my last breath and even after that. Wouldn’t that be a sight for eyes, a zombie bitch fighting for his husband!

But some of these people don’t seem to understand that if you do the bragging route you also have to do it carefully because otherwise you will come off as nothing else but a simple braggart with no self-awareness and just come off as a very snotty person, and actually just show how desperate you are for validation.

But on the other hand sometimes I wonder if FB isn’t just actually all about validation, just in different forms for different people

If I had known this person just through FB I would simply just had put the  Kardashian stamp on her, but as I have known her since "the good old" blogging days I know that it’s mostly desperation behind all the showing off and linking to certain sites. Hunger for fame can be hard and very tough to satisfy, and I’m not so sure it will make you happy once you reach it… 

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