Wednesday, August 31, 2016

The Eurotrash is talking...

Something that has been annoying me for quite some years now is how up the walls the Americans are with their absolutely ridicules, not to mention imbecile branding of people depending on where you happen to come from i.e. knowing if you are white, black or hispanic

Firstly let me start by telling the uneducated part of Americans who happens to read this that Spain is a country in Europe, and not a part of either Mexico or South America. So by simple logic therefor Spanish people cannot be labeled as Latinos or Hispanics or the even worse word spics.

Spanish people are WHITE and EUROPEAN. The reason for people in Mexico and large parts of South America speak Spanish is simply because once upon a time Spain invaded these areas and by doing so also forced the population to adapt to the Spanish language and culture. 

But this happened way before the Greatest Nation on earth was born so I understand it can be hard to understand that other countries have been great nations as well. And it must be an absolute horror to learn that democracy actually is a Greek invention and not American. But perhaps you don’t care about history, since not many of you seem to have learned anything from it.

Secondly black people in America are NOT African-Americans, they are AMERICANS! Unless one of your parents comes from the continent in question, and not even then are you a so called African-American. What you could be is Kenyan-American, Zimbabwe-American, Ghanaian-Americans and so on

Let me make a comparison so you really understand! It would be as if I would label myself as European-Norwegian instead of just Norwegian which is what I am.

Thirdly if your grandmothers, grandfathers grandmothers father immigrated to the USA from let’s say Ireland, Italy or some other country, you are still only an American and NOT Irish-American, Italian-American etc.

Actually if you should be really fair and honest, the only real Americans are the native Indians that your  ancestors were so fond of stealing the land from and also quite often killed as a security if they would realize how poorly they’ve been compensated. Not to forget how the so beloved Mayflower ancestors of yours forced them to become Christians either by brainwashing or a little more killing...

And considering your great nation is populated by immigrants from Europe, perhaps the sometimes snotty attitude is a little uncalled for?  Most countries in Europe are actually more conservative than USA has been in a long time, despite this we are still capable to provide free healthcare, free education and have a safety net for the poorest ones. And funny enough we are able to do this without people carrying around weapons visible or not. 

We also have this odd idea that all humans have the same value no matter what colour their skin happen to be, which means that black people don’t have to be afraid every time they need to do some grocery shopping, have a drink with their friends or even go for a walk… 

USA may be a big country but area doesn’t automatically provide greatness in living standard or human rights! The American Dream so many Americans speak of slowly died decades ago, and is hardly coming back considering the political system you have, which is more or less a joke to the world around you!

But I understand it’s hard to see the cracks in the system when you don’t learn how to think critically and question why things are as they are.

When young students can’t find their own country or state for that matter on a map, but are being taught proudness in how their army kill innocent lives in a country where there is gas or oil  for USA to grab, leaving the native population  in a pillaged and destroyed country where every bit of infra-structure  is purposely ruined.

But who cares, they are all terrorists anyway considering they have dark skin and talk another language then English, not to mention the strange food they eat, Not a McDonalds or KFC in sight in some of these horrible countries…

I wish USA just for a second could stop their navel gazing while polishing the gun and actually see what they do to the rest of us, with their political agenda where only power and money are important, while human lives are worthless. Unless they don’t happen to be American and white of course!    

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