Saturday, July 9, 2016

Ripples In A Wonderful Life

When I decided to start blogging again it was with the goal to have the same style I had in the old one, funny, bitchy and a lot of self irony.

But with age and hopefully wisdom I have realized that you can not revive what once was.
I have a feeling this blog will be much darker and show much more of the real me, well there was a lot of me in the older one as well but I didn’t show all of me so to speak.

And like the famous water under the bridge some things have gone and can not come back no matter how much I wish they could and would.

For the moment my life is quite dark and quite lonely to be honest! And for the first time in many, many years I am almost totally knocked down. But like the little cockroach I am I know I will survive this too even if it is going to be very hard this time.

I think what is most disturbing is to realize that people are far from what they claim to be. Sure we all have a facade, but usually there is something else behind the it.

But when you discover that there is only emptiness behind it, it is a little shattering but mostly disappointing. It is not nice to realize that everything being said is just fluff and doesn’t really mean anything. It is bit like the frosting on a wedding cake, it looks good but taste like shit in reality and is only there to cover a tasteless content.

It is funny how a death seven months ago can be so eye opening and create so much ripples... I don’t know if I should be sad or grateful for finally seeing the truth about some of the people I have around me. I think I am going to chose grateful even if it hurts for the moment.

I have no idea if any of the people I am talking about is reading this, I doubt it considering their English isn’t very good! And if they do I don’t care very much, they have made their bed and I am making mine...

And as the self promoting little bastard I am I leave you with this...

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