Sunday, July 24, 2016

Insights, Family and Phones

I haven’t been very good at blogging recently and I apologize for that to the few readers I might have, but things are what they are. And there is a reason for my silence, but for the moment it is not something I feel for writing about.

Lately I have become totally sucked down the famous rabbit hole called YouTube and one of the many things I’ve been watching is the Ted talks, the latest I saw was a recommendation about two estranged sisters that hadn’t been talking for almost 20 years because of pride and vanity.

I did find it somewhat ironic considering I am facing a similar situation but from the opposite side so to speak.

For a moment I did wonder if it was faith trying to tell me that I am a stubborn bitch and should work on being more forgiving. Sadly I suspect it really was Google “eavesdropping” on what I usually watch and write about and decided that this would be a good thing to recommend. So sorry faith you have to stand back for a more rational explanation this time…

The speech itself was really good and made a lot of sense! But for things like forgiveness and accepting to work you need the other person to be just as honest and straight as yourself, otherwise it won’t be very effective. So I don’t think it would work for me considering how things are.

Even my doctor, who also is a very close friend, said that the best thing I could do was to accept defeat and put everything behind me. It is after all impossible to change people and make them honest and truthful if it isn’t in their nature from the beginning.

It feels a little sad to realize that with one stroke I suddenly became all alone and the only one being there is my hubby.

But perhaps it is like my mother said at many occasions, that the person in question is driven by jealousy and hate, and resent me for having what he/she doesn’t. But I am so terribly tired of feeling guilty for having what I guess most people would describe as a very pleasant, maybe even luxurious life compared to many.

I have not always had it like this, quite the contrary actually! So getting shit and being talked about behind my back is at least from my point of view very unfair since the person in question knows very well what I have been going through in life!

But let’s talk about something nicer!

I bought a new phone the other day; the old one was lying on its death bed and begged for mercy so it was actually something I truly needed. Well to be totally honest it was the battery and not the phone so much, but I took it as a sign that it was time for a new one anyway.

And as always am I being truthful to Samsung. I don’t know why but it’s something about their design that appeals to me.

I used to laugh at people that were obsessed with Steve Job and his Apple products, but here I am doing the exact same thing but with another brand.  However I do not tell other people that Samsung is the best thing on the market or God’s gift to mankind. I do realize that there are other labels and brands that might be better, but anyways… one thing I never have understood is the selfie craziness but now I do!

With the new phone I also got a better camera and the possibility to use the apps that makes you look like a supermodel no matter how horrible you might think you look.

Late last night I decided to take a selfie and experiment a little, and considering how I looked when I took the photo and how the result became after all the filters and other shit I applied I now totally understand the frenzy about taking pictures of yourself everywhere.

I also realized why people always look so effing good, it is all filters and such! What I don’t understand is why people, mostly young ones believe that the pics on social media are real?

Most people nowadays have phones with all the apps that can transform a cow into Adriana Lima with a little work so why are they buying that the celebrities really look like they do on Instagram, Twitter or whatever platform they are using or surfing?

Ok, I know young people are innocent and many times naive but they must understand if they themselves can do it of course it will be made, and even more so when it comes to someone famous that make their livelihood on looking good.

It became a short post today but it is Sunday and I feel lazy but not more lazy then that I can leave you with this… 

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