Wednesday, June 15, 2016

If You Don't Like It, You Know What To Do...

Some time ago, in January if I remember correctly I made the decision to make all my videos private on Youtube. I didn’t want some people to get the wrong impression of me.

But after several months of thinking I feel that why should I hide something I worked very hard on and took me a long time to put together? And to be honest is quite proud of!

Yes, my videos are quite (read very) provocative! But that was and is the purpose of them!

I have watched, and do watch a lot of videos on Youtube and one thing I have learned is that you need to stand out in some way to be noticed and/or remembered! My way is to shove all the gayness I can down peoples throats in a somewhat pornographic way.

Sure I could make my own videos, meaning standing in front of a green screen and then work my ass off to add effects or run around like a maniac on our patio or in the narrow streets around where I live.

But unfortunately I am not equipped with the looks of a Greek God or a Swedish Hunk...

The few of you that have met me in person knows that I am more or less the male equivalent of Diana Vreeland when she had a really bad day. But like her I have the charisma, the fabulous style and flair and also the ten folded self confidence of Zlatan.

But one thing I don’t have is a desire for self torture or masochism, and I know that the minute I would put up a video with myself singing I would be butchered, not for my singing but for how I look.

And for those of you wondering if I feel ugly I have to disappoint by saying no. I know very well that I don’t look like a male supermodel, and that is totally fine with me. I have other qualities that I value so much more than how I look!

And to reveal a little secret...

I am actually quite pleased with how I look, it have served me well through the years. In real life you don’t have to be beautiful to fascinate or attract people as long as you have something to compensate it with, and in my case that would be charisma, self confidence and a hell of smartness.

But those are things that only work in real life, on a computer screen not so much unfortunately.

And the main reason for me to sing and put up videos is mainly because I find it enjoyable, but of course also because I like to show my talent and challenge myself by singing songs that usually wasn’t on my repertoire when I was working more professionally on stage both solo and in bands.

Now you might think how the heck is this logical? Shouldn’t stage and video be the same?

The difference is that on a stage you perform in real life and can use the other qualities to overcome what you might lack in other areas, but most of all interact with the audience in a way you never can do in a video.

And that is why my videos are as the are...

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