Saturday, January 12, 2013

Constant Craving

Like I said in my earlier post gay movies always seem to be about misery and dying and Brokeback Mountain is no exception. I admit it’s beautifully filmed and the acting is superb but still it’s very stuck in clichés which annoys me.

However it wasn’t the movie I was going to write about, but rather the song Constant Craving which is a song I love but only listen to when I’m really down and blue. So recording it was a bit odd considering I didn’t experience those feelings at the moment. 

KD Lang, who has done the best interpretation of it, at least in my opinion, has always been somewhat of an idol for me when it comes to putting emotions in the singing. And one can only dream about reaching that level some day.

The reason I chose to use clips from Brokeback Mountain for the song is very easy, for me the song has always been gay how odd that may sound to you. Maybe because KD Lang is lesbian and I myself being gay so it’s been quite natural to make that connection for me.

However enough with the rambling here is my humble interpretation of it...


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