Thursday, January 10, 2013

A Fresh Start...

Maybe some of you recognize me but under the name Sir Vocalizer from both here on blogger and YouTube?

As I wasn't totally happy with the name I decided to change to the one I have now, and believe me if I had known how much job it would give me I would have thought it over both once and twice.

For some stupid reason it's impossible to change your user name on YouTube. So if you do what I did and choose a bad one you are stuck with it no matter what.

So I decided to open a new account with a new name and with that came the necessity  to upload all my videos again.

And as a result of the new channel I also had to change my accounts on Tindeck, Soundcloud, Myspace etc.  
Meaning a lot of time spent on uploading things over and over again.

Of course I could have put links everywhere to the new accounts but I felt it would be confusing for people to know which one was the right one so to speak.

But it also gave me the chance to organize things a little better so it wasn't all bad!

And instead of keep on writing in the old blog I felt it would be more nice to start all over fresh with this one where I also could use the new name.

So here we go folks!

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